Artist Bio

Artfucker is a visual identity that emerged in early 2017.  Never one to be constrained to a medium, the New-York based artist uses a combination of manipulated photography and mixed media to transport viewers into a surreal environment. Inspired by gender identities, queer culture, and their passion to create, their pieces communicate unspoken feelings and moods.  


Artfucker has maintained a sense of individuality among emerging artist by including social commentary and a strong direction in their carefully curated shows.   Their new work is departure from macro shots and gender identity has taken them towards a new territory of subliminal decision making and exposure.


 Artfucker discusses their new show and explains how, “We have become so destigmatized and trusting towards marketing efforts. Products are sold to us through Instagram ads, focused campaigns or paid influencers. It’s all so common, we only really learn who is fucking up, or what products are unsafe when companies are exposed. And even then, many times we don't care.”  Artfucker’s Smoke Show uses recognizable brands and pop culture references to help their viewers visualize how an inappropriate and unsafe product is no longer shocking to consumers.



While Artfucker prefers to remain anonymous to the public, their artwork is clearly personal and will certainly provide viewers a though-provoking experience!